Creative Designs

GUG- Graphic and web design studio…A full Graphic design service to brand your company, placing you on the web with a web design service to compliment your business needs

GUG- Designer Events…Event planning and products to make your event the talk of the town.

GUG- Corporated ID.. Branding has become today’s vehicle to business success. So let us ‘brand’ you!

GUG- Personalised Party Decor… Private, customised party planning and decor. Individualised party items are custom made ‘One of a kind.’

GUG- Exclusive Promotional Items… Promote your business through promotional items as handouts and advert to you business. eg T-Shirts, stationary and out of the box custom design products

GUG- Full colour printing on vinyl, shop front signage

GUG- Exclusive Promotional Items..